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Slater Mountain: The Journey
by Judy Ricketts-White
Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner 2017!Bailey Mathews lives with her family on Slater Mountain, at the edge of the wilderness. Bailey is passionate about horses, her best friends are her horses. She rides everyday, and studies solid horsemanship principles with her mom, a clinician and horse trainer. She even documents a herd of wild mustangs. At fifteen, Bailey’s life seems perfect, but her life is about to change forever. When disaster strikes, her grandpa is injured during a severe storm. She makes a difficult decision, summons all her courage and skills, and sets out alone, on a dangerous journey, through the rough, back country to get help.
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Slater Mountain The Legend
by Judy Ricketts-White
Bailey Mathews and her friend Noah Collins go on a trail ride to observe the herd of wild horses that she has been documenting. They continue riding and Bailey shows Noah an overlook spot she discovered in the wilderness. Through strange and dangerous circumstances, the two riders accidentally stumble into a beautiful and forgotten world, and find themselves trapped. Bailey and Noah need to survive and find a way out. Noah realizes that he has a connection to the ancient site and shares his knowledge with Bailey. Will pooling their talents be enough to get them home and help them protect this ancient historical site that provides spiritual inspiration?
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